Work Shoes Santa Rosa


“I love my Red Wing boots and shoes. Ever notice how the cheap China made shoes ruin your arches? I have noticed that if you pay for quality boots, they will pay for themselves many times over. Yay, I’m a fan.”

Ron M.

Santa Rosa, CA

Ashley is a customer service professional that listens very well and makes recommendations spot on considering her vast brand knowledge. Bravo!

Benjamin L.

“Nothing makes me happier than a nice pair of Red Wing Shoes! They are beyond comfort and I think are some of the best shoes out there. The service you get walking into Red Wing Shoes really makes you feel welcome the second you walk in the door.”

Patrick R.

Sebastopol, CA

“Red Wing Shoes in Santa Rosa feels like a neighborhood shoe store, the kind where you go in and you know most of the people that work there. You know the quality of service is going to be good, unlike big box retailers…”

Carrie W.

Santa Rosa, CA

“I recommend Red Wing for the comfort and longevity of their boots. If you’re going to spend good, hard earned dollars on a boot, you want it to last quite a while, and you want them to be comfortable. You can work all day in these boots and not have a problem.”

Ben S.

Sebastopol, CA

“Great Customer service! The people here are always really nice and helpful…If you want quality, this is the place to go. Plus it’s nice to be able to walk in, give them your name and they have all your information, no need to try and remember what type of shoe you got last time.”

Kanani S.

Santa Rosa, CA