We Go the Extra Mile to Deliver You VALUE!

We offer a large selection of boots and shoes for every job and every work environment in a full range of sizes and widths. Not only do we sell comfortable, durable shoes, we continue to service them long after you walk out the door so they go the extra mile, and so can you!

Free Services


Polishing will bring back color and shine making shoes look new again!


Conditioning hydrates the leather and keeps it from cracking making the boots last longer!


Replacing Laces

Eyelet and Hook Repair

Shoe Stretching

“I recommend Red Wing for the comfort and longevity of their boots. If you’re going to spend good, hard earned dollars on a boot, you want it to last quite a while, and you want them to be comfortable. You can work all day in these boots and not have a problem.”

Ben S.

Sebastopol, CA